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Hilti Ferroscan PS250

Portable electromagnetic non-destructive steel reinforcement detection system

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Hilti Ferroscan PS250 for rent
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The successor to the industry recognised Hilti PS200 Ferroscan is the Hilti PS250 Ferrroscan.

Scanning, analyzing and determining by interpretation what is embedded in concrete has never been faster or easier.


Scans large areas of concrete quickly and easily

Provides accurate depth of cover measurements for reinforcement at depths of up to 100mm

Displays a clear 2D image of the reinforcement on the monitor for on-the-spot structural analysis and depth of cover assessment

Records scanned data automatically over lengths of up to 30 metres and up to 9 imagescans

Hammond Concrete Services are pleased to stock the Hilti Ferroscan PS200, the Hilti Ferroscan PS250 and the Hilti PS1000 X-Scan radar detection system.

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- Rebar verification and analysis
- Checking concrete coverage over large areas for structural repair work
- Building acceptance inspections and quality control
- Helps avoid costly rebar hits and damage caused by cutting through structurally significant reinforcement when coring and hammer drilling
- Generation of structural assessment reports including statistics and visual presentation in 2D/3D views of areas up to 45x45m

  • Ferroscan PS250 detector in use
  • Ferroscan PS250 kit